Where this life is leading ….


It has been few months. Yes, with the will of god I’m still life on this earth. I’m still breathing. What had happened to my life? I don’t have word for it. I’m lost. lost and lost. But yes it’s still ok. I just need to learn something from it.

Well. see you later.

Where this life is leading ….

My Mom want a Car

This is a third week for my first job as a fresh graduate. My soul and mind has been disturbed by the wish of my mom for me to buy a car. For me that wish make me feel uneasy … Been said that, we as a child should payback to parents who raise us….. I just think if I fulfilled that wish and do not care my part will I be happy or suffer? Even its my own salary / wages, I cannot do what I want.. Since I was a child my parents want me to follow their wish… I see my friends all happy enjoying themselves… I cannot be like them …. I have unseen metal chain tie to my parents….

I still not start to pay my study loan, and now if I buy a car I will increase my liabilities …. Moreover I’m a bike person … I will not go to work by car. I cannot stand to waste my time on the road…. event a few minutes. Time fly so fast ….

For now, just patient…. tawakkull (peace and calm)

My Mom want a Car

Who is them I comfortable with

Hi to me.. .

As at this date among people that I wish to spend my time are lathifah n mira ; amirul mokhtar n nurul ; safwan n muzammil; aslam amir … they are my friends.
and d same time I afraid to show that I comfortable with them becoz I afraid to loose them. Myb at some point I consider them as a family. While spend time with them I’m d happiest person in d worldn but suddenly I will become sad if the picture of my mom at home not happy. My family not feel like a family. Myb its just my negative thinking…. Today also a third week im at infusion information technology. Alhamdulillah… I think d job suitable for me. Allah SWT know d best. Anyway muzammil is now married man.

Who is them I comfortable with

Life and Me – The Beginning of 2015

Sometime I get confused in this life. All this happened since I got headache when I was 16 years old. Since that I keep changing my lifestyle. I experimenting with myself that always trying to find the best way of myself which can help myself in life.

Somehow, at certain point I still not understand about myself, how I should be. I have try everything I could. I don’t understand why being moderate is hardest for me. Sometime I am too much to the right and sometime too much to the left. I never make it balance.

Sometime I think I’m in confuse that I do not understand myself. Therefore it would effect my life. My life is hanging, its like its not certain and I becoming so exhausted. I’m really confuse how can I use myself and survive in this life like a normal person,. I don’t event my exactly my problem is. Yeah, maybe I dont have a stand or its the effect of traumatic of living under scared of my father that govern the family like its not a family. Maybe its just my feeling, I don’t know how to clarify.

I hope this year of 2015 is got beginning for me as I have got the chances to explore the world by myself because now its time  I’m going out to the world looking for a job.

Life and Me – The Beginning of 2015

Education: Knowledge, Learning & Understand

So …. we are going to discuss all these word. The true meaning behind all these word, the relations of these word and how its reflect upon us. It is because the ways you understand about these word, might reflect on how you work on it. Yeah  …  (Get so excited !) 🙂 .

How about we begin with the word of INFORMATION. INFORMATION is basically indeed essential for us to become acknowledge of something. Yeah there is a phrase “Information is Power” because individual who has lot of information will be consider as knowledgeable person I guess. Why I start with INFORMATION, it is because everything start with INFORMATION. Yeah, information might be helpful, however I would to categorize into two types of information:

1) Information that we experienced

2) Information that we not experienced.

“Heart Can Sense What Mind Cannot Understand” – Yasmin Mogahed

Learning Process Article

Education: Knowledge, Learning & Understand

Oooh Kehidupan

Di saat ini aku inginkan hatiku berbicara …

Tidak ku ketahui di fasa apakah ini sedang tubuh fizikal ini berada…

Ooohh Kehidupan … Ooohh Rakan-Rakan  Oohh teman Oooh Taulan Ooooh Sempadan…

Kadang kala ingin ku membwa diri ini ke daerah yang  baru …

Di Daerah baru pasti berlakau kitaran yang sama …

Oooh Kehidupan …

Oleh kerana itu haruslah ku tempuh arena semasa …. Sabar & Taqwa adalah Bekalan Sang Pegembara

Wah .. Aku sudah kenal tipu daya rasa …

Wah … Aku mula mengenal siapa orang disekelilingku …

Ooooh Kehidupan …

Aku rasa … Aku rasa  dan Aku rasa

Terima kasih .. Terima kasih dan Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka ..

Oooh Kehidupan

Muzy.Com Application

I just found Muzy.Com when I googling my MuzySky….

Hmm .. I said to myself… Very interesting ! When I look around Muzy.Com and I just hopes it belong to me …. because it does got my cyberspace name !!! Whoa …

Well… Muzy.Com just not provide online application for Photo, but also provide social space of our album that can be share to Facebook and Twitter just like your PhotoBlog. You also can add friend and like other album… I’ve got my own PhotoBlog at Muzy.Com which is :http://muzaffarmohamad.muzy.com

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Muzy.Com Application