Electronic Subject

This semester I take electronic subject. The book I use is MICROELECTRONICS CIRCUIT ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 3rd edition . The author is  Donald A. Neamen . Among the subtopics I learned is semiconductor material, diode, transistor. All this thing I have learned when I was at the secondary school .  I was in technique school in the field of mechanical engineering. Nevertheless of that, the thing I have learn in school is just the basic. In university I learn this things and discuss more deep. It involve the application . There alot of formula must be memorize .The first formula I memorize is Intrinsic Carrier Concentration that is (ni)=BT^(3/2)e^(-Eg/2KT) .

ni=Intrinsic carrier concentration

B= Coefficent related to the specific semiconductor material

T=  Temperature in Kelvin

Eg= Bangap energy in unit eV

K= Boltzman constant that is 86*10^-6 (eV)

Anyway, I have exam on this subject on the day after tomorrow. So I just post a little bit about this subject to refresh what I have learn .

Electronic Subject

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