Muzy.Com Application

I just found Muzy.Com when I googling my MuzySky….

Hmm .. I said to myself… Very interesting ! When I look around Muzy.Com and I just hopes it belong to me …. because it does got my cyberspace name !!! Whoa …

Well… Muzy.Com just not provide online application for Photo, but also provide social space of our album that can be share to Facebook and Twitter just like your PhotoBlog. You also can add friend and like other album… I’ve got my own PhotoBlog at Muzy.Com which is :

“Muzy is a new kind of blog for your creative side!”

The application that available on Muzy.Com are :

1) Photo Box – Multiple pictures in frame template

2) Photo Collage – Put many pictures and arrange them, insert text, change photo effect, choose background.

3) Versus – To compare between two pictures, put the pic in frame.

4) Photo Pile – Collage your photos into a cool shape! Arrange them into a heart, a star, or 20+ other shapes.

5) Pic Monkey – Great lightweight photo editing application.

6) Photo – For fast photo editing emphasize on the effect and the frame functionality.

and there is more if you explore it by yourself … my favorite for now are PhotoPile, PicMonkey & Photo.

Another one thing you need to know is all the application running smooth and fast, more interesting it so easy to add the photo into the application because there is built-in import function that allowed us to import our pictures from our Facebook album our our friends album, also we can just make Google search without leaving the application.

Muzy.Com Application

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