Life and Me – The Beginning of 2015

Sometime I get confused in this life. All this happened since I got headache when I was 16 years old. Since that I keep changing my lifestyle. I experimenting with myself that always trying to find the best way of myself which can help myself in life.

Somehow, at certain point I still not understand about myself, how I should be. I have try everything I could. I don’t understand why being moderate is hardest for me. Sometime I am too much to the right and sometime too much to the left. I never make it balance.

Sometime I think I’m in confuse that I do not understand myself. Therefore it would effect my life. My life is hanging, its like its not certain and I becoming so exhausted. I’m really confuse how can I use myself and survive in this life like a normal person,. I don’t event my exactly my problem is. Yeah, maybe I dont have a stand or its the effect of traumatic of living under scared of my father that govern the family like its not a family. Maybe its just my feeling, I don’t know how to clarify.

I hope this year of 2015 is got beginning for me as I have got the chances to explore the world by myself because now its time  I’m going out to the world looking for a job.

Life and Me – The Beginning of 2015

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