My Mom want a Car

This is a third week for my first job as a fresh graduate. My soul and mind has been disturbed by the wish of my mom for me to buy a car. For me that wish make me feel uneasy … Been said that, we as a child should payback to parents who raise us….. I just think if I fulfilled that wish and do not care my part will I be happy or suffer? Even its my own salary / wages, I cannot do what I want.. Since I was a child my parents want me to follow their wish… I see my friends all happy enjoying themselves… I cannot be like them …. I have unseen metal chain tie to my parents….

I still not start to pay my study loan, and now if I buy a car I will increase my liabilities …. Moreover I’m a bike person … I will not go to work by car. I cannot stand to waste my time on the road…. event a few minutes. Time fly so fast ….

For now, just patient…. tawakkull (peace and calm)

My Mom want a Car

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