Education: Knowledge, Learning & Understand

So …. we are going to discuss all these word. The true meaning behind all these word, the relations of these word and how its reflect upon us. It is because the ways you understand about these word, might reflect on how you work on it. Yeah  …  (Get so excited !) 🙂 .

How about we begin with the word of INFORMATION. INFORMATION is basically indeed essential for us to become acknowledge of something. Yeah there is a phrase “Information is Power” because individual who has lot of information will be consider as knowledgeable person I guess. Why I start with INFORMATION, it is because everything start with INFORMATION. Yeah, information might be helpful, however I would to categorize into two types of information:

1) Information that we experienced

2) Information that we not experienced.

“Heart Can Sense What Mind Cannot Understand” – Yasmin Mogahed

Learning Process Article

Education: Knowledge, Learning & Understand